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A ticket to Turkey at a price of $8,600: the prices of air tickets to visa-free for Russians in the country have soared tenfold

Tickets to Israel from Russia now cost from 6.3 thousand US dollars.

The cost of air tickets for the upcoming dates in the visa-free period for Russian citizens of the country increased tenfold after mobilization was announced in the aggressor country.

This is reported by the Russian mass media concerning the TourDom portal and the Biletix company.

In particular, the cost of a flight to Tel Aviv (Israel) starts from 378 thousand rubles (about 6.3 thousand US dollars), to Dubai (UAE) – from 373 thousand rubles (about 6.2 thousand US dollars), to Astana (Kazakhstan ) – from 134 thousand rubles (about 2.24 thousand US dollars).

At the same time, according to the service, the price for tickets to Istanbul (Turkey) for the next dates increased to 100 thousand rubles (about 1.68 thousand US dollars), to Baku (Azerbaijan) – to 115 thousand rubles (about 1.92 thousand of dollars).

For the flight on September 24 on the Moscow-Antalya route, the offer from the Russian airline “IrAero” was as follows: 500 thousand rubles (about 8.6 thousand US dollars) for one seat on a plane bound for Turkey. However, there is a bonus – luggage is included in the price.

The cheapest flights to Yerevan (Armenia) will cost 65 thousand rubles (about 1.1 thousand US dollars) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – 60 thousand rubles (about 1 thousand US dollars).

The representative of the company explained that during the analysis the prices of both direct flights and connecting flights were taken into account. “The cost of the flight has increased approximately tenfold,” Biletix added.

How long the period of high prices and hype will last is still unclear. Experts believe that lower tariffs should be expected only in the second half of October. “We saw similar hyped demand for air tickets in February-March this year,” the service expert added.

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