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About 10 tourists were injured in a piranha attack at a Brazilian resort

A flock of piranhas attacked vacationers who were swimming in a river in the Brazilian resort of Taruma Asu, northeast of Manaus, the capital of the Amazonas state. At least eight people were injured.

The incident occurred on May 1, but it became known only now. According to the portal Livescience, piranhas bit into the legs of people in the water.

Experts believe that the attack of predators is accidental. In their opinion, the flock mixed up the limbs of the swimmers with food. It is in this place, experts say, that cafe visitors often throw food into the water, feeding piranhas.

“This attack can be called a ‘misidentification’, as is the case with sharks when they mistake a person for food and attack,” said Steve Husky, professor of biology at Western Kentucky University.

This theory is supported by colleagues of the professor.

“The attack in Taruma-Asu could be caused by the fact that one piranha mistook a person’s leg for food, and bit, which provoked blood into the water. At the same time, people began to panic, and make many movements that could look like a rushing fish. Blood and erratic movements could provoke a flock to aggressively attack. In addition, people bathed in a feeding place of piranhas, which could also be a reason for an attack”.

At the same time, experts note that piranhas do not attack large prey. Predatory species prefer to feast on carrion, while other species of this fish feed on vegetables, fruits, and insects.

By the way, piranha has the strongest bite among bony fish, it is equated in strength with the bite of a white shark. Therefore, the attack of this small fish can cause significant damage to human health.

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