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A yellow alert has been issued across Turkey, including Antalya and Istanbul

The unscheduled summer, which pleases tourists with relatively warm and sunny weather at the resorts of Turkey, will end with a local cataclysm in the coming days, or to be more precise, hours. Turkey’s General Directorate of Meteorology has declared yellow and orange danger levels for at least 21 cities in the country, including Antalya and Istanbul, as well as other resort towns. Tourists can expect showers with possible flooding, even snowfall in mountainous areas, as well as stormy winds and storms at sea.

In most regions of Turkey, showers, thunderstorms, and some places snow is forecast in the coming days. Judging from the map, the “orange” level of danger is mainly in the coastal provinces, in particular, it was announced in Antalya, Izmir, and Mugla, which are the most popular among our tourists.

“According to the 4th Regional Meteorological Department, Antalya will be under the influence of rainy weather today. From 50 to 100 mm of precipitation is expected in the city center, in some areas precipitation in the form of sleet and snow at heights of more than 1,200 meters is possible,” meteorologists say. In addition, a stormy wind will come to the coastal areas, which will last at least until Saturday – the storm is expected to be up to 9 points, with wind of 50-75 km/h, and in some areas up to 90 km/h.

The only thing that can please tourists is that the weather cataclysm will not last long, although the cooling will remain for a long time. The main impact of the elements will fall on Friday and Saturday mornings. The clearing is already promised by Saturday evening, next week tourists are promised both cloudy and sunny days, but without rain or with light rain. The temperature, however, is not summer – +13 during the day and +6-7 at night.

We would like to remind you that in February the cold weather will come to another resort popular with our tourists. According to the Meteorological Bureau of Egypt, on average, the daytime temperature in the resorts will drop by 4-5 degrees, and the night temperature by 3-4 degrees.

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