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A tourist was brutally murdered in Thailand

The Thai police found a terrible find in a house rented by tourists in the city of Kanchanaburi, in the Muang region – one British tourist was brutally killed by a cold weapon, another – seriously injured. According to local Thai media, police “found the victim outside in a puddle of blood lying on his face, with stab wounds to the neck.”

A 49-year-old British tourist was killed. A second victim was later found – he was taken to hospital with serious injuries and underwent surgery on his skull and collarbone.

According to the police, neighbors called them to the house that belonged to the victim’s girlfriend. The weapon of the attack was found next to the victim – it turned out to be a “sickle knife”.

The alleged killer has also been identified: he is a local resident who was later found in a nearby house where his relative lives. He is a young Thai man of 20 years, and, as added by the police, “he is receiving psychiatric care.”

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