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A mysterious incident at a resort in Thailand: Murder and dismemberment of a tourist

Events worthy of the plot of a terrible movie unfold before the eyes of the police on the Thai resort island of Pha Ngan in the southern province of Surat Thani. According to law enforcement, one hiker brutally murdered a fellow traveler, then split his body and disposed of the remains, dumping them in a local dump.

According to local media, the horror story began when a garbage truck driver found human body parts in a garbage bag in a landfill. Horrified by the gruesome find, he immediately called the police. Officers from the police station in Koh Phangan immediately arrived at the scene and found that the body parts had been carefully packed in several layers of plastic garbage bags. Among the remains found was even “the thigh of a man along with the intestines.” The hip described was about 50 centimeters wide and weighed approximately 5 kilograms. Judging by other body parts, the police concluded that they probably belonged to a foreign tourist. Further examinations confirmed that the victim had been brutally murdered at least 48 hours before the discovery of the remains.

During the investigation, the police interviewed the driver of the garbage truck to find out where he got the garbage bag from. In addition, the police analyzed CCTV footage from around the island, especially in hotels and apartment complexes owned by foreigners, to identify the location where the macabre was dumped. Given the police version that the perpetrator is also a foreigner, to prevent potential suspects from trying to leave the island, the entry and exit points from the island were temporarily closed.

As a result of the police work, a Spaniard named Daniel came to the fore. Suspicion fell on him primarily because he went to the police with a complaint about the disappearance of his Colombian friend shortly after their arrival on the island. A video was also found of Daniel buying a knife and garbage bags. In addition, it became known that the Spaniard worked as a chef in a restaurant in Spain, and his social networks were full of photos showing his experience in butchering meat.

At the moment, the identity of the murdered tourist has not been officially confirmed, but there is an assumption that this is the Colombian who arrived on the island on August 2.

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