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A tourist pays big fine for stupid mistake in Bali

In Bali, an Australian traveler accidentally applied for two visas and paid a fine. One mistake cost her two thousand dollars, according to 7News.

The woman applied for a 30-day visa, and after its expiration, she applied for a new one, instead of extending the existing one. In this regard, at the airport, the passport control officer accused her of violating Indonesian laws.

The man demanded that the traveler pay $100 for each day of illegal stay in the country from the moment the first entry document was revoked.

The Australian noted that the man started yelling at her and rudely demanded to pay in cash: an oversight cost the woman $2,000.

“He also said that my friend and I might be banned from entering Bali again. Okay, we were wrong, but you shouldn’t treat people like that. It upset us terribly,” the tourist concluded and warned other travelers against such a mistake.

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