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A tomb that is about 1,700 years old has been unearthed in Turkey

A tomb dating back about 1,700 years was unearthed in the Turkish province of Adiyaman. It dates back to the Roman era.

Local museum staff received a report of illegal excavations. When they went there, they found not only a tomb but also a place for prayer, as well as five coffins inside the tomb itself. Museum director Mehmet Alkan said archaeologists carried out the excavations after receiving the appropriate permits. The discovered tomb is made of limestone and has eight steps.

It is assumed that the tomb was built in the 3rd century AD. Most likely, it belonged to the family of an important person. Once the excavations are completed, tourists will be able to visit the site.

However, to see the find, vacationers will have to travel a long way. From the nearest popular resort of Alanya, it takes about 14 hours by bus, and 9 hours by car. You can only get there by plane with a transfer.

From Istanbul, travel time by bus will be 17 hours, and by car – 9 hours. You can also take a direct flight on Turkish Airlines.

In addition to the found tomb in Adiyaman, there is still something to see. There is the famous Nemrut Dag mountain, on the top of which there is a sanctuary built in 62 BC by order of King Antiochus I of Commagene. The place is surrounded by huge statues 8–9 m high. The monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are almost 200 rock graves in the village of Perret. They are carved in the shape of a tunnel and were previously used as housing. Tourists are also attracted by the ruins of the Abbasid fortress and the 14th-century Ulu Mosque.

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