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A new scourge has occurred in the resorts of Spain: a popular holiday for tourists is becoming scarce

The struggle of Mediterranean resorts with drunken tourism can receive unexpected support. By high season, many alcoholic beverages – especially expensive ones such as champagne and some whiskeys – can become scarce. The reason for such an unexpected disaster is the problem with the supply of raw materials and high tourist demand, which producers and sellers simply did not expect. As a result, popular among tourists alcohol recreation is in short supply due to the lack of its main component – alcohol itself.

According to local media in Mallorca, distributors in the resort island and the Balearic Islands, in general, point out that alcohol shortages are becoming more acute as the number of tourists increases and, consequently, demand increases. Tolo Server, president of the distributors’ association, says the supply of all beverages is “on the verge” – even milk and beer, a favorite of “drunk” tourists.

Mikel Angel Morey of Bodegas Túnel clarified that “the main problems with quality brands are high prices.” Delivery increased in price to 60%. Therefore, orders for alcohol should be “more restrained”. “Large wineries may be able to afford up to 100,000 bottles, but we can’t,” said some Spanish winemakers.

Many hotels are forced to shop in online department stores, according to El Corte Inglés, adding that some hotels are buying from them and other major retailers to meet the demand for brands such as Moët & Chandon. “Demand has been approaching high season levels for several weeks and this could be a real problem in July and August,” they said.

It will be recalled that on the other hand, hotels and restaurants are tired of alcohol tourism. At one of Mallorca’s most popular resorts (Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean), restaurateurs have said they will no longer allow tourists dressed as drunk. The owners of restaurants and nightclubs have united, and introduced a dress code for travelers, noting that in terms of rudeness, drunkenness, and rudeness, this summer season is again lost to the Spanish island. Representatives of the business of the resort area of ​​Playa de Palma, where they like to rest, especially British tourists, say that the locals are fed up with the so-called “drunk tourism”, although the season has just begun. Read details about the methods of struggle at the link.

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