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A list of countries that receive Ukrainian tourists without any restrictions or conditions has been published

The list of countries that are ready to accept Ukrainian tourists without PCR tests, “cunning” passports and other restrictions, includes four areas. But most importantly – their number is gradually increasing, which can be seen as a marker of a rapid end to the pandemic. Most of these countries are expensive long-distance Caribbean destinations.

Cuba opens the list of countries: it will be recalled that the country has opened free entry for organized tourists from Ukraine. That is, tourists no longer have to present the result of the PCR test on arrival, as well as a certificate of vaccination. Read the details of the new rules at the link.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular Caribbean tourist destinations, not only fully open to flights from Ukraine, but also very tolerant of tourists, without requiring a certificate of vaccination and PCR test results. However, there is a chance to be subjected to selective measures – both temperature testing and selective testing for coronavirus.

Mexico is another country well known on the tourist map, also ready to allow tourists without PCR tests and other evidence.

Costa Rica is another country in the region, ready to receive tourists “with open arms”: PCR test is not required, quarantine is also not required. Requirement one: 48 hours before departure you must fill out the form Pase de Salud, as a result will be generated QR-code, which is presented upon arrival. In addition, you need to have travel insurance, which would fully cover the cost of possible treatment of coronavirus (50 thousand dollars).

We will add that two popular beach countries for Ukrainian tourists – Egypt and Turkey, have only conditional restrictions: all Ukrainians who have either a vaccination certificate or a new negative PCR test are allowed there.

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