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A knife in bread, a weed in a diaper: the strangest things that passengers tried to carry on the plane

There are quite strict requirements for the items that passengers are allowed to take on board the plane in hand luggage. Nevertheless, travelers regularly try to carry the “ban” on the plane.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) published on its social networks a list of the 10 strangest things that people tried to carry on planes in 2023.

The ranking was topped by the “inert hidden explosive substance” hidden inside a can of Bang Energy energy drink (literally “explosive energy” – ed.) at the Tulsa airport in Oklahoma. “Number one was not an encouraging way to start the day at the airport,” the TSA wrote.

Second place went to cannabis buds hidden in a diaper seized at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, and third to a cartridge with an improvised CO2 explosive device that security officers discovered at Sacramento Airport.

The fourth line was occupied by a machine gun, loaded with 163 bullets, which was seized at the New Orleans airport. The five closed the knife, which they tried to carry in prosthetic legs through the main airport of Alaska “Anchorage”.

Also in the top 10 were a 35 mm shell (Charlotte Douglas Airport), methamphetamine in a jar of crab jam seasoning (New Orleans Airport), a knife in a loaf of bread (Seattle Airport), replica ammunition (Minneapolis Airport) (Boston Airport).

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