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90,000 people could die in Istanbul: earthquake predictions have triggered an emergency

In Istanbul, the “race to prepare the city for a natural disaster” has begun: another study, predicting up to 90,000 probable victims during the predicted earthquake, has forced the city authorities to begin intensive preparations for aftershocks and inspection of buildings. Currently, more than 100,000 applications for such an examination have been submitted.

“The earthquake in Turkey in the center of Kahramanmaras creates an emergency in Istanbul. According to seismologists, the metropolis is located on a fault line in Northern Anatolia, and experts predict that a strong earthquake may occur by 2030,” writes the Turkish newspaper Mynet. In the event of a disaster, there is a risk of death of 90,000 people, researchers assure.

We will recall only one, the last of the forecasts: it was voiced by the Turkish professor Nasi Geryur, naming Istanbul among the 11 provinces where natural disasters are most likely. At the same time, here he is waiting for an earthquake with the same catastrophic power as those that occurred in early February in the south of Turkey.

According to him, the magnitude of an earthquake that can happen in Istanbul is a minimum of 7.2 and a maximum of 7.6. The expert also called Antalya a risk zone.

As a result, the buildings of Istanbul, including, of course, hotels, can expect a massive inspection and possible “renovation”. As the publication assures, more than 100,000 applications have already been submitted for verification.

The fact is that about 70% of buildings in Istanbul were built before 1999, and they do not meet modern seismic safety requirements. In fact, with such activity, the waiting period for verification is becoming longer and longer.

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