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Problems of tourists with the mafia in Istanbul surfaced in Spain

Problems with the “taxi mafia” that once made Istanbul famous are being successfully “exported” to European resorts. We are talking about the island of Mallorca in Spain and its main resort Palma de Mallorca. According to local authorities, the main problems are, firstly, the large number of unlicensed taxis, where tourists can face a variety of troubles, and secondly, the “location” of these same taxi drivers. The taxi mafia chooses only the most convenient locations, preferring to work in a cruise port, rather than at the airport, which causes problems for citizens and tourists to find a taxi on arrival on the island – they are simply not there.

According to the city council of the resort, several attempts to solve the problem of taxis are being discussed. “The problem of taxis has undermined the image of the region and the entire sector. The application for urban mobility developed by us digitizes the taxi sector, so the problem will be solved, “said Free Now Spain CEO Isabel Garcia-Frontera.

Problems have also been noticed on the continent: in Seville, Spain, Reyes Flores, a judge of the Seville Investigative Committee, has filed a lawsuit against 27 taxi drivers. The lawsuit is against the taxi mafia.

It will be recalled that there is a problem with the “taxi mafia” in all countries. The British tourist, for example, was divorced for 55 pounds (2100 thousand hryvnias) for a trip to Paris in 3 km. Another couple of tourists were advised to pay 218 pounds (more than 8 thousand UAH.) For a trip to the airport, also in Paris.

In this regard, tourists are advised on how to avoid fraud. Among them – use the Internet and learning about real prices. Another tip for the “fresh” – is to warn the hotel about your arrival. Hotels not only offer a shuttle service at reasonable prices – but can save in the event of a collision with a fraudulent driver.

According to Lexi Alford, world record holder, the youngest woman to visit the world, the method is as follows: “If you come to the hotel and the meter is incredibly high, refuse to pay. Go to the hotel and ask for help. And if that doesn’t work, tell them to call the police. Most likely, the driver will surrender. ” Other tips on how to protect yourself from those who want to make a living at the expense of tourists – read the DIP material at the link.

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