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Bulk about the conditions of imprisonment: Pskov prison specializes in psychological violence

The guards do not beat the prisoners in the Pskov prison, but force them to watch Kremlin television five times a day. In this case, the prisoners can neither sleep nor do anything else, said in an interview with the New York Times, Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny in an interview with the prison.

In a written interview with journalists, Oleksiy Navalny joked that he estimated his chances of surviving in the Pskov prison at 50%: “either I will be killed or I will not be killed.” He understood that the fact that President Vladimir Putin was trying to assassinate him indicated that he had “lost his mind” and was “a classic case of a half-mad tsar.”

– We know that the murderers of the FSB began to persecute me during trips around the country literally on the day when I announced my intention to run for president. Is this a smart move? Seriously, order the secret services to kill a political enemy with chemical weapons? Not a very brilliant idea. But Putin did so because he is obsessed with his own fears and ideas, the Russian opposition leader said.

“They put you in a position where you have to beat someone,” he said, although it is historically known that in the institution where he is, torture was used for prisoners, he did not hear about the beating, adding that the specialty of the institution – psychological violence.

– I have not heard that they beat someone – on the contrary, constantly provoking, they put you in a position where you have to beat someone, beat someone or threaten someone. And when this happens (…), the administration will be happy to initiate a new criminal case, adding a few more years to the sentence, – said Navalny.

“Educational” shows
He also added that prisoners should watch Kremlin television five times a day – for example, watch films about World War II – and that they cannot do anything at this time, even sleep.

– In these sessions, I most clearly understand the essence of the ideology of the Putin regime: the present and the future are replaced by the past (…) All kinds of past must be constantly in the spotlight to distract from thoughts about what is happening, – said the politician.

“Putin is not eternal,” said Alexei Navalny, although the elections in Russia “are becoming more and more of a joke” and even the most “average” opposition candidates are not allowed to participate, Russians should still take part in them. According to him, thanks to the tactical voting system adopted by the opposition, opposition candidates can still win, for example, in large cities, where it is more difficult to rig elections.

Navalny said that Russia’s biggest problems today are corruption and poverty, and that Russians are “poor people in a rich country.” He also added that Russia is part of the West and should embark on a “European path of development.”

– Putin is not eternal, neither physically nor politically (…) this regime is a historical coincidence (…) the choice of the corrupt Yeltsin family. Sooner or later, this mistake will be corrected, and Russia will embark on a democratic, European path of development, – the opposition assured.

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