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Abramovich saved two of his yachts, which together are worth $1 billion

Two yachts owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich have gone east after the UK imposed sanctions on the billionaire.

The UK government has announced that Abramovich’s assets have been frozen, meaning his yachts and private jets are at risk of being seized, Business Insider reports.

Abramovich’s 140-meter yacht Solaris is located off the east coast of Italy, Marine Traffic reports. It is not clear where Solaris will sail. According to SuperYacht Fan, the yacht is worth $600 million.

Meanwhile, Abramovich’s other yacht Eclipse also sailed east of Saint Martin in the Caribbean on Feb. 21, Marine Traffic reported. It is over 160 meters long and costs $700 million. The total value of the yachts is over $1 billion.

After the invasion of Ukraine, sanctioned Russian oligarchs like Abramovich tried to salvage their yachts and private jets in an attempt to protect their assets.

Abramovich has $13.7 billion in assets, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and owns Chelsea Football Club. He announced last week that he was selling the club, but due to UK sanctions he is unable to do so.

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