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Family summer holidays in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Every time when the long-awaited summer vacation is approaching for parents, a discussion arises in families: “Where to go to rest this time?”. Most often it comes down to a discussion of the dilemma: the sea or the mountains. Of course, you can also relax by the sea. However, those parents and children who have visited the Ukrainian Carpathians at least once, can no longer forget all the attractions of summer holidays in the mountains and, as a rule, tend to visit here again and again.

It is quite clear that when planning such a trip to the Carpathians, first of all, you should decide on the place exactly where to go and where to settle. Many of our compatriots and guests of Ukraine prefer to rest near the famous Bukovel resort. It’s certainly a good choice! After all, there are mountains around – you can go mountain hiking with the whole family; and, in addition, there is a wide variety of entertainment for every taste: from exciting rides in the Leopark Children’s Entertainment Center to quad biking and visiting pools with a jacuzzi.

However, living near Bukovel has some significant drawbacks. First of all, these are very high prices for hotel accommodation and food (approximately at the level of the best European resorts). In addition, there are almost always a lot of people around, no matter where you are. In most restaurants and cafes, there are often no free tables, so you have to stand in line for a long time to have a bite to eat or sit over a cup of coffee and cake. In general, you will hardly find peace and quiet here, near Bukovel, unless you go on a mountain hike.

But there is a great alternative option – to book a room at the Chillax guest house, located in the mountainous village of Yablunytsia, located 10-15 kilometers from the Bukovel complex (the distance depends on which road to get to, but in any case, travel it takes very little time by car).

Сімейний літній відпочинок в українських Карпатах

The rooms at the Chillax Hotel https://chillax.com.ua/en/catalog/rooms/ – are very comfortable, equipped according to European standards; there is a restaurant where they cook delicious food (dishes for every taste are offered: cuisine – local Hutsul, traditional Ukrainian and European); at the same time, the cost of accommodation and meals is quite democratic, affordable for almost every Ukrainian family with average incomes.

Unlike the Bukovel resort, in Yablunytsia there is always a calm and quiet environment that allows you to relax wherever you are (and not just in the mountains); food prices in local restaurants and cafes are moderate, so such a summer vacation with children in the Carpathians will not affect your family budget.

Here you can easily walk with the whole family in the mountains (there are mountain routes available even for three-year-old children) or for walks along the flowering Carpathian meadows; have picnics in the primeval forest; admire the birds and animals listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine; play outdoors in any active games; and when you want – go to the Bukovel complex, where there are extreme entertainment and attractions.

Family Hotel in Yablunytsia

Such a summer vacation in the Carpathians will undoubtedly please all members of your family!

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