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Camps for refugees are being built in Lvov. The mayor of the city thanks Poland for the help

On Thursday, the mayor of Lvov, Andriy Sadovy, quoted by Ukrayinska Pravda, said that “a town is being built in the city for refugees who come from regions of Ukraine affected by hostilities.”

The mayor of Lvov thanked Poland for helping to build residential complexes for refugees. In city parks, an operation began to deploy light mobile structures donated by the Polish government and strategic reserve agencies.

– In one such house can live from two to four people. Inside there is everything you need – furniture, light, heating. (…) Mostly students evacuated from places where hostilities are taking place will be transferred there, Sadovyi said.

The mayor added that next week the Lviv authorities plan to provide similar apartments to about a thousand people. – It will be the world’s largest temporary center for refugees. (…) Next, we want to build wooden two-story houses, where we will accommodate mainly pregnant women and children, – added the head of the city authorities.

“Significant influx of refugees”

According to the mayor’s office, about 200 thousand people now live in Lviv. refugees, but a significant influx of refugees from eastern Ukraine is expected in the coming weeks, especially from the Donbass, which was attacked by Russian troops.

According to the Lviv authorities, about 50,000 of this number may remain in the city forever after the end of the war.

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