Fight on air between politicians during TV debates in Moldova (VIDEO)

Moldovan politicians Sergio Tofilat and Gennady Kosovan shocked viewers with a fight during a discussion show, DPA reports.

Tofilat, a former adviser to President Maya Sandu, knocked out Kosovo, a former deputy interior minister, and grabbed him by the neck.

The scene took place on a TV show.

Video posted on the Internet showed that Kosovo initially remained immobile after the incident.

The situation reportedly worsened after Tofilat insulted Kosovo during a heated debate on the political situation in Moldova.

Then Kosovan slapped Tofilat in the face with a glass of water

The broadcast had to be interrupted.

A photo was later posted on Facebook showing the two men again standing quietly next to each other and shaking hands, but paramedics were still visible in the background.

“Everything is good when everything ends well,” the editorial board wrote, but also noted that such acts of violence will be punished in the future.

About a week and a half ago, Moldovans elected a new parliament in which Sandu’s pro-Western party won an absolute majority.

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