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WHO: it is not clear how many more booster doses will be needed to protect

It is currently unclear how many booster doses will be needed to prevent Covid-19. The World Health Organization continues to recommend vaccination against prolonged Covid-19 disease, but there is still no clear data on how many revaccinations are needed to protect the body from the virus. This was stated by WHO Director of Global Epidemic Preparedness Sylvie Brand at a briefing at the UN office in Geneva.

“We do not know if Omicron leads to long-term Covid-19. We hope not, because we see fewer dangerous complications than with infection with other strains. We hope that the virus has become more adapted to humans,” she said.

“We don’t know how many booster doses will be required because there is not enough research on this. There is a theoretical model that the more vaccinations you give to the body, the more antibodies it produces. But it is not clear whether they will increase the body’s defenses,” she said, quoted by BGNES.

According to the expert, the pandemic is dynamic and has not yet ended. New waves of infections are possible, as well as the emergence of new strains.

In this regard, WHO is considering three possible scenarios for the development of the situation in the world: The first option assumes that the virus will still be highly contagious, but less dangerous and easily tolerated by people without additional diseases. The second scenario is that the world will develop effective vaccines against Sars-CoV-2 and its strain, as happened with the common flu. The third scenario involves the emergence of new options that are dangerous for people with low immunity, which returns the world to the level of 2020.

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