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Link found between stress and risk of contracting COVID-19

Orata, who experienced severe stress, anxiety and depression early in the pandemic, was at greater risk of contracting the new coronavirus, according to a British study cited by Euricalert.

The researchers’ study found that more psychological stress in the early stages of the pandemic was largely associated with participants who later reported being infected with COVID-19, had more symptoms, and were severely ill.

The study was conducted jointly by experts from the University of Nottingham, King’s College London and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

By April 2020, they are tracking the stress levels of about 1,100 adults, and by the end of December they are reporting the number of people infected with the new coronavirus. People themselves report positive tests.

The results show that infection and symptoms of COVID-19 are more common in those who have experienced increased psychological stress.

“Available evidence suggests that high levels of anxiety and depression are not only a consequence of living in a pandemic, but may also be a factor in increasing the risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2,” said Professor Kavita Vedhara of the School of Medicine. Nottingham and lead author of the study.

Previous research has shown that psychological factors such as stress and social support are associated with increased susceptibility to viral respiratory infections and more severe symptoms.

The results of a joint study by British and New Zealand scientists are published in the Yearbook of Behavioral Medicine.

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