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The DPRK army demonstrates “iron fists”, the ability to smash concrete with his head and bend iron (Video)

North Korean state media broadcast footage showing soldiers demonstrating their fighting power and ability to destroy various objects with their bare hands.

The play was shown at an exhibition of weapons systems in Pyongyang, and it was watched by leading figures of the country, including leader Kim Jong Un.

The soldiers not only smashed bricks and tiles, but also lay on the beds of broken glass and iron nails, and the concrete slabs on their bodies were smashed to pieces with hammers.

In the end, people bend the iron rods around their necks and free themselves from the chains.

North Korean media say it should show enemies that their soldiers were holding “iron fists to protect peace in the country.”

Although it goes without saying that it is probably best not to try to perform any of these actions.

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