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Pavel Durov announced a major Telegram update

Нововведення дозволить працювати месенджер без перебоїв

Telegram founder Pavel Durov on the night of September 20 announced the release of a new version of Telegram for iOS (8.1) and Android (8.0.1). Updates will allow the messenger to work without interruptions.

Since its inception, the messenger has used the int32 storage system, in which, due to the popularity of Telegram, the range of user IDs, channels, bots and groups began to end, according to the founder’s Telegram channel.

If the capacity of the system ran out before the upgrade, then new users would not be able to register, and the rest would not be able to create channels and groups. Therefore, for the last year, the team has been rebuilding the code to switch to int64.

In addition, the new version has color themes for chats, interactive emojis, a list of people who have read the message in groups, etc.

Due to the updates, some users will have to wait a few minutes when launching the updated messenger for the first time.

Channel “Durov’s Code” reported that the moderators of the App Store and Google Play did not miss the new version of Telegram until the messenger blocked the Smart Vote bot. Their letters contained a demand to “comply with local laws” without a specific reference to the UMG.

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