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Fashion brands bury the planet in the trash

Fashion brands overproduce their products to meet modern trends, and West African countries are drowning in the weight of waste that is sent to their shores every week, according to the BBC.

A BBC report from Ghana clearly shows what this African country is becoming as a result of contact with Western fashion.

Fashion brands bury the planet in the trash

Traders in West Africa rely on donated or recycled clothing from Europe, America and China.

Ghana receives 15 million second-hand clothes every week. These are items from the so-called fast fashion, ie. copying high fashion models, but from low quality fabrics.

In many cases, incoming clothing falls apart or is damaged and cannot be sold. And unnecessary “fashion uniques” are found in the mountains of garbage in African countries. Ghana is literally teeming with such “fashionable” dumps. And they create environmental nightmares. Because about 40% of the clothes that come here are found in the trash. Then he falls into the sea. These clothes are made of polyester or synthetic fibers, and when it is found in the sea, the fish suffocates in the foot, and thus fashion kills marine life.

The fashion industry loses $ 500 billion a year because clothes go to waste.

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