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Every second toy bought online is dangerous for children

Майже половина іграшок, куплених через Інтернет у третіх осіб, небезпечні для гри дітей, показало нове дослідження.

The report, commissioned by the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA), showed that many gifts bought online can crush, strangle, burn, poison, and electric shock a child, according to Sky News.

Of the 255 randomly selected, tested and tested toys, 88% did not meet any standards and 48% were dangerous to play.

The report checked products purchased through Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Wish, BTHA.

A two-year-old child was recently rescued after his mother bought candy-shaped magnets and the child swallowed them. X-rays showed that the magnets were so strong that they clung to the baby’s stomach and tore three parts of the intestine.

Currently, there is no international legal provision that would force online stores to check the safety of products sold online.

Many online stores are located abroad – outside the jurisdiction of local laws.

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