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The man from COVID-19 changed his wife to get on the plane

The rules of the air during a pandemic make some people especially resourceful in their environment.

Inspired by spy movies or devoid of other ideas, the Indonesian with a positive test on COVID-19 changed his wife to get on a plane, according to local media, quoted by CNN and Forbes.

The man put on his wife’s niqab (long clothes covering his whole body and face except his eyes) and presented her identity card and a negative PCR test so that he could board a domestic flight from Jakarta to Ternate.

The most amazing thing is that the man almost managed to carry out this venture. After successfully passing all inspections at Jakarta airport, he made a strategic mistake. In the middle of the flight, he went into the bathroom in women’s clothing, changed clothes and went out in men’s clothing. The flight attendant saw the transformation of the passenger and informed the airport administration that they were waiting for the man and detained him for violating coronavirus protocols.

Attempts to deceive airlines are numerous, but rarely successful. A month ago, there was a video on the social network TikTok showing how a woman managed to get on a plane with an extra bag, pretending to be pregnant.

In 2010, a young Chinese man made headlines after disguising himself as an adult white man to board a flight from Hong Kong to Canada. He was apprehended after entering the toilet in mid-flight and removing his silicone mask.

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