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Every politician’s dream is to have 10 million YouTube subscribers

What politician does not dream of enjoying great popularity and bathing in popular love – which today is measured by the number of subscribers on social platforms.

According to this indicator, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the leader among the rest of the world’s political elite – the head of the Indian government has reached 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He thus overtook the presidents of Brazil, Jair Bolsonara (3.7 million subscribers), Mexico’s Andres Manuel Lopez (3 million) and Indonesia’s Joko Vidodo (2.8 million).

Every politician's dream is to have 10 million YouTube subscribers

In this respect, Modi is ahead not only of world leaders, but also of members of his own government and other prominent Indian politicians. Closest to the prime minister in terms of YouTube subscribers is his main political opponent, the chairman of the largest opposition party, the Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi, who has 5 million subscribers.

Narendra Modi turned 72 last September. Age does not prevent him from remaining an enthusiast in the use of social networks.

Through his YouTube channel, the Prime Minister addresses the nation, comments on important decisions of his cabinet, conducts a dialogue on the country’s urgent problems and ways to solve them.

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