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Airbnb turned out to be more expensive than hotels – named countries and destinations where it is cheaper to stay in hotels than to rent housing

The fact that renting private accommodation on Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel room turned out to be a myth that collapsed. This was reported by the Sun publication, referring to a study by Which, which compared the cost of hotel rooms with offers on rental sites. Primarily from Airbnb.

A total of 300,000 items were evaluated. As it turned out, in many countries popular with tourists, hotels are cheaper, sometimes even significantly cheaper, than private housing for daily rent through Airbnb.

Cheaper and average prices – the cost of staying in a hotel for one night averaged 101 pounds compared to 120 pounds for aggregators.

At the same time, on the Greek island of Santorini, popular with tourists, Airbnb services turned out to be almost twice as expensive – 203 pounds, while in the hotel – only 115.

In Amsterdam, the aggregator will have to pay 183 pounds, and the hotel 116 pounds. In some Asian cities, hotels are also much cheaper, in Hong Kong – by 85%.

However, as the publication clarifies, for Airbnb and Vrbo, lists of all real estate objects were taken into account, and five-star hotels were excluded from the study of hotel prices. However, “many tourists may be surprised to find that hotels are cheaper,” his experts add. However, making a footnote that for large companies, private hire is likely to win on price.

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