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Completely banned: Airbnb announced an important innovation

The Airbnb service, an online platform for posting and searching for short-term rentals of private housing around the world, has banned the use of CCTV cameras in rental premises.

Previously, the company allowed the use of indoor video cameras in areas such as hallways and living rooms, if owners indicated their presence in their advertisements. Recording devices, according to the service’s rules, were not allowed in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Now Airbnb has decided to ban them completely.

“You may not install security cameras or recording devices in your home, even if they are turned off. Hidden cameras are and always will be strictly prohibited. Homeowners are permitted to install outdoor security cameras, noise monitoring devices, and smart devices as long as they comply with the guidelines below and applicable laws. These rules come into force on April 30, 2024,” notes the service’s website.

Thus, owners are now prohibited from installing cameras and recording devices (even when turned off) inside their homes, regardless of the zone. Including in the hallway, bedroom, bathroom, living room, or guest house.

“Hosts may install outdoor security cameras and recording devices if the location is specified in the listing (for example, “I have a camera in my yard,” “I have a camera above the patio,” or “A camera hanging over the pool.”) Hosts are prohibited from placing cameras or recording devices where personal space is especially important for guests (for example, in saunas and outdoor showers),” the text also says.

In addition, owners are allowed to install noise monitoring devices (without recording sound) inside the property if they are located in a common area and information about this is in the advertisement.

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