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Germany: draw in the elections to the Bundestag

In Sunday’s Bundestag elections, the SPD and CDU / CSU each gained 25 percent. The exit poll shows that after the closure of polling stations, the Social Democrats are slightly ahead of the Christian Democrats.

The final result of the elections should be expected late in the evening or even tomorrow, especially since the absentee votes are only now being counted. Despite the historic defeat of the Christian Democrats, the race for the chancellor’s office is still ongoing.

The Greens are in third place and, according to preliminary poll results, can count on 15 percent of the vote. Germany’s alternative got 11 percent, as did the FDP liberals.

Post-communists at Die Linke cannot be sure to cross the electoral threshold, which would also end the joint government with the SPD and the Greens.

The turnout was 76 percent.

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