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Tourism Turechchini voted for sanctions against Russia

Sanctions against Russia, as if they had declared a candidate for the presidency in the Turkish opposition, are being quashed (accepted, for the time being) – out of a gain of about 5% in the other round of the election, the chinny president, candidate for the People’s Alliance, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However, behind the tribute of Turkish ZMI, the following detail is obvious – Turkish tourism, having voted for sanctions: in all resorts, including Antalya, which is loved by Russians, most voted for Kilicdaroglu, which voted for European sanctions against Russia Jan.

Zagal, for the money from ZMI Danimi, the chinny president, gained 52.16% of the votes. At that time, he had a competitor, a candidate from the opposition Kemal Kilicdaroglu, whose party stood for joining before the European sanctions against Russia, winning 47.8%.

But, as illogically as it seemed, Turkish resorts, it seems, showed up as a whole not against spending their main tourist package. Thus, in Antalya, the opposition candidate Erdogan’s votes were lower by 10% – 57.35% versus 42.65%. Muğle’s result is even more hostile – 33.46% for Erdogan and 66.54% for Kilicdaroglu, similarly in Izmir – 32.87% for Erdogan and 67.13% for Yogo superbike. I won the oppositionist and Istanbul – 51.78% and 48.22% for Erdogan.

Tobto, judging by the figures, Erdogan “transferred power” to non-tourist provinces. And the bagmen of the resorts, at their house, do not mind saying goodbye to the Russian pennies.

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