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The EU has chosen a new capital of “smart” tourism

Irish Dublin was recognized as the European capital of “smart” tourism in 2024, while the Italian city of Grosseto was named a pioneer of European “green” tourism.

The decision was made based on their achievements in the fields of accessibility, sustainable development, as well as digitalization, and cultural heritage.

Dublin and Grosseto were selected from among 40 destinations in 21 countries.

As a prize, the winning cities will receive advertising support and assistance in the production of souvenir products from the European Commission.

What is “smart” tourism

Smart Tourism aims to make the tourism sector more innovative with the use of digital technologies. Its goal is to provide tourists with a more efficient, personalized, and enjoyable experience while promoting the sustainability and management of tourism destinations.

The capitals of “smart” tourism in the European Union have been chosen since 2019. Previously, they were Helsinki (Finland), Lyon (France), Malaga (Spain), Gothenburg (Sweden), Bordeaux (France), Valencia (Spain), Paphos (Cyprus) and Seville (Spain).

As DIP reported, Expedia experts previously identified the main tourism trends for 2024. Chief among them is the search for budget alternatives to popular destinations, the revival of concert tourism, and away holidays for any occasion.

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