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The rating of the most expensive and cheapest public transport in major cities of the world has been compiled

The team of the international service Picodi.com conducted a study of ticket prices in public transport in 45 major cities around the world and then compared these costs with the average salary of their residents. What happened – we tell in our material.

Experts studied the cost of various options for public transport. In particular, we considered the costs associated with purchasing single tickets and monthly passes without restrictions.

Cities where public transport is free

In three of the 45 cities surveyed, it is possible to use public transport for free. These are Luxembourg, the capital of Estonia – Tallinn, and the capital of Malta – Valletta.

Since February 2020, Luxembourg has become the first country and city with free public transport for everyone – both residents and visitors. This costs the budget about 41 million euros per year.

In Tallinn, public transport fares were abolished back in 2013, but this measure applies, as in Valletta, only to residents.

Cities with expensive roads

The highest prices for single travel cards are in London ($5.19), Zurich ($4.75), and Oslo ($3.91). The most expensive monthly tickets are sold in London ($271), Dublin ($166), and New York ($127).

Correlation: Fare – Salary

Comparing the cost of an unlimited monthly pass with the salary of citizens, the researchers concluded that the residents of Sao Paulo are in the least advantageous position, where the cost of monthly access for all types of public transport is up to 14.3% of the average salary.

In second place is Istanbul (a monthly pass costs 7.5% of the salary), and in third is London (7.4%).

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