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Spain is the first country in the EU to introduce a new border control system

Spain will be one of the first countries in the European Union to implement a new border control system. According to the Ministry of the Interior of Spain, by the end of this year, the country’s external border crossing points will be equipped with the necessary equipment to introduce a new entry and exit control system (Entry / Exit System) within the EU.

The move will allow Spain to implement the new rules for accepting travelers, making it one of the first in Europe to use this innovation.

In addition to this, Spanish airports will also streamline the process of passing passengers through border control. This will be achieved by installing special kiosks for self-service check-in, reducing waiting times.

Remember that the new border control system in the EU is aimed at a more complete collection and analysis of data on tourists entering its territory. The Entry and Exit System (EES) was planned to be implemented as early as May of this year, but the deadlines have been revised. The exact launch dates for the new system have not yet been set, but it is known that this will not happen before spring 2024.

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