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Two new countries will join the Schengen area

Two more European countries have joined the Schengen area. We are talking about Romania and Bulgaria, reports Deutsche Welle.

Romania and Bulgaria, members of the European Union, have joined the visa-free space of the Schengen zone, but only partially. Border controls at airports and seaports have been abolished.

Travelers can now travel between these two countries and the rest of the EU member states without going through visa and passport controls when traveling by sea or air.

However, border controls at the land borders of Romania and Bulgaria will remain in place for now. Due to a veto by Austria, land routes are not included in the zone due to fears that this will allow migrants from countries outside the European Union to penetrate other states more easily.

“This is a great success for both countries. And this is a historic moment for the Schengen area — the largest free movement zone in the world. We are building a stronger, more united Europe for all our citizens,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Both countries hope to become full members of the Schengen area by the end of this year. They are the only two EU member states that do not enjoy all the benefits of the Schengen area. Even Croatia, which joined the bloc after Romania and Bulgaria, was fully admitted to the Schengen area in January 2023.

The Schengen area includes 25 other EU member states, as well as non-EU states: Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

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