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Putin has extended the ban on food imports from Europe

President Vladimir Putin has extended the embargo on food supplies from the EC until May 31, 2022. This is a response to sanctions imposed by the European Union and other countries, the statement said.

The import ban has been in effect since 2014

The ban on imports of dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables from the EU, first introduced in August 2014, is a response to Western sanctions against Russia imposed in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. It is a question of protection of national interests of the country, it is spoken in the speech of the president. Putin has repeatedly said that the embargo also helps improve domestic production – such as dairy products – and increases independence from imports.

Along with the EU, the embargo also applies to the United States, Australia, Canada and the United States. Despite the ban, many products managed to get to Russia by detour and smuggling routes – especially cheeses from France and Italy. In an attempt to contain the black market, Russia has already destroyed a huge amount of food. According to the Russian authorities, 36.17 thousand units of banned imports were destroyed in five years.

Consumers complain about high prices

However, Russian consumers suffer from high prices and low quality local food. According to experts, the embargo on foreign competition leads to the creation of monopolies and rising food prices.

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