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Egypt has revealed the unknown secrets of the pharaohs

Egypt is preparing for a special event to move 22 mummies of pharaoh kings and queens in a parade that reflects the history of these ancient rulers. The parade attracted the attention of the whole world.

Queens Meritamun, T, Hatshepsut, Ahmos Nefertari will be transported along the Nile from their long-term residence at the Egyptian Museum in El Tahrir, Cairo, to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Kings Ramses II, Ramses III, Ramses IV, Ramses V, Ramses VI and Ramses IX will visit the capital.

The kings also include Thutmose I, Thutmose II, Thutmose III, Thutmose IV, Sekenenre Tao, Amenhotep I, Amenhotep II, Amenhotep III, Seti I, Seti II, Merenptah and Siptah.

Here you can know some basic things about kings Ramses II, Seth I and II and Merenptah

Egypt has revealed the unknown secrets of the pharaohs

King Seth I

His mummy was found in 1881 in Deir el-Bahar, west of Luxor. It is estimated that the king died at the age of 40.

He is the son of King Ramses I and the founder of the 19th dynasty. He ruled Egypt for at least 21 years and led many military campaigns to regain Egyptian control outside the country.

Seth I waged a military battle against the Hittites. These victories were recorded at the Temple of Amun in Karnak, Luxor.

His tomb in the Valley of the Kings of Luxor is one of the most beautiful royal volumes. The paintings on its walls still retain bright colors.

His wife was Queen Thuja. They had three sons, including Ramses II, his successor.

King Ramses II

His mummified body was also found with his father in 1881. Unlike his father, who died at a young age, Ramses II probably died in his 90s.

Ramses II was one of the greatest kings of the New Kingdom and one of the most powerful warriors of his time. He succeeded King Seth I and took office when he was only 23-25 ​​years old.

Thus, he ruled for about 67 years and bequeathed antiquities and works of art.

Ramses II, along with the Hittite king, reached the earliest known peace treaty in world history after the best documented battle in ancient history, the Battle of Kadesh.

Thanks to Ramses II, many temples were built, including the temples of Abu Simbel and Ramesses. He had many wives, including the famous Queen Nefertari, and he built a temple for her, in addition to the temple of Abu Simbel.

Nefertari’s tomb in the Queen’s Valley in Luxor is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tombs.

King Merenptah

This is the 13th son of King Ramses II. He belongs to the 19th dynasty. After his father’s long tenure as king, Merenptah became king only in old age and ruled for only 11 years.

He participated in many military campaigns.

His victory over the Libyans and their allies during his tenure was documented in the famous Merneptah Stele, also known as the Israeli Stele or the Merneptah Victory Stele.

His mummified body was found in 1898 in the tomb of Amenhotep II in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

According to research, he died when he was about 60 years old.

King Seth II

He is the son of Merneptah and the fifth ruler of the 19th dynasty of the New Kingdom. He ruled for only about six years.

His mummy was found with his father in the Valley of the Kings in 1898, wrapped in a characteristic thin linen. Facial features are well preserved.

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