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Salaries in the IT sector are growing by 10-12% per year

Wages in the IT sector are growing by 10-12% per year. The first year of the pandemic may have stagnated, but wages in this area are expected to grow even faster over the next five years due to falling borders.

This was stated by Georgy Ivanov, founder and CEO of Noble Hire, a platform for finding and hiring professionals in the IT sector.

Staff is in short supply. This is due not only to the players known for many years, but also to new companies in this field. It is much more profitable for international companies to relocate their centers or representative offices to countries such as Bulgaria, Ukraine or Poland.

“We work with more than 150 companies, the ads usually look for specialists with at least three years of experience,” Ivanov told BNR.

According to him, it is not enough to graduate from a university or computer academy, you need to develop projects to stand out when hiring.

According to the expert, in recent years, about 100,000 people have graduated from IT academies, but only more than 5,000 of them have been able to enter the labor market. To help others, more opportunities need to be opened for internships, Ivanov said.

He noted that in order to become an IT specialist, you need to have analytical thinking, work in a team, manage time well and be able to express their thoughts both orally and in writing. Among the motives that motivate young people to go into these professions, in addition to salary – the opportunity to be creative, to create something “from scratch”. Every application in our phone is an opportunity for business and problem solving.

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