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To a supermarket in Cyprus only with a COVID certificate

Today at 5 o’clock in the morning new stricter measures to control the spread of coronavirus come into force, according to BNR. Cyprus requires all residents to be vaccinated or tested negative for COVID in the last 72 hours, even when shopping in a supermarket.

Until July 31, “SafePass” is mandatory for all places indoors and outdoors, where, according to health protocols, can gather more than 20 people. Certificate certifying vaccination, disease or 72-hour test. It covers outlets, including supermarkets, but without individual small shops.

Admission is also mandatory for restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment establishments, guests of which must be only with seats, up to 10 people at the table and dancing is not allowed. Also, citizens must have this document when using public transport, when receiving various services in the public and private sectors, in banks, customer service centers.

The government has decided to tighten the regime after a series of records that register more than 1,000 new cases a day. On Monday, their number also exceeded 1,000, with almost 70,000 tests conducted.

Immediately abolishing the “Safe Pass” and the requirement to conduct mandatory tests twice a week for the unvaccinated was the main demand for a large protest that took place in Nicosia on Sunday.

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