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A strong storm hit Croatia

Today around noon a strong storm hit Sisak-Moslavina County in Croatia. According to Yutarni List, Pozega-Slavonia, Vyrovytsia-Podravska, Belovar-Bilogora and Osijek-Baranya counties were also affected.

The storm uprooted trees and caused traffic problems, the newspaper said.

Objects in the Petrina area are damaged, there are cars crushed by trees and power pylons are broken.

The Department of Civil Protection said 112 district emergency centers in Zagreb and Sisak were overcrowded with calls about the aftermath of the hurricane.

Citizens report that trees have blocked roads and electric poles have fallen. Instead, fire brigades work, the main priority of which is to clear roads of fallen trees and electric poles.

The city of Sisak said on its Facebook page that the duty services went to the scene to help repair the damage and normalize traffic.

There were no reports of casualties.

Source: dnes.bg.

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