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China restricts abortion. The authorities justify this on “non-medical grounds”

After decades of tough birth control policies that have included forced abortions, China is limiting its ability to carry them out. Chinese authorities have announced that abortion will be restricted for “non-medical” reasons, the press release said.

In China, the birth rate is falling, and analysts are warning of serious consequences of this trend in the coming decades.

The State Council of China intends to present new guidelines for abortion in China. It will be limited for “non-medical reasons”. Earlier, China has tightened abortion rules based on the sex of the child. By law, parents can only find out the gender of their child during childbirth.

According to the National Health Commission of China, there were 9.7 million abortions in China in 2014-2018, which is more than 50 percent. more than in 2009-2013 In China, fewer and fewer children are born every year. This did not help to abandon the one-child policy and even allow the Chinese to have three children.

China is the most populous country in the world, but its population growth rate in the past decade is the lowest since the 1950s. The Chinese authorities are expected to present a package of laws to stimulate childbearing.

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