The President of Belarus has threatened European organizations located in the territory of the Republic

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the West’s attempt to intimidate Minsk with sanctions one of the main problems.

Lukashenko made the statement at talks with Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko, BelTA has learned.

“If Europeans want problems with themselves in connection with these sanctions, they will get them. I will not say anything more. Time will show. Give me information about the largest European projects in our country and in the enterprises created in Belarus: let’s look at their work,” Lukashenko instructed.

The President also instructed the government, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to study the work of Western humanitarian programs in Belarus.

“These are non-profit organizations, foreign agents, all kinds of bandits who arrange extortion here and so on. We agreed on re-registration of both these organizations and mass media, – Lukashenko reminded. – And then they keep us on a short leash and start pulling constantly when they want. Profitable, unprofitable – they already, I see, do not think about it. Well, they don’t think – well, they will go to Russia through … They will go across the Baltic, transport cargo, and around Spain – to the Mediterranean Sea and across the Black Sea, if they are bad with normal Belarus in the center of Europe”.

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