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Ten skiers were found in Austria, who were already recognized as having died in an avalanche

In Austria, as of the morning of December 26, all ten skiers who were covered by an avalanche in the famous ski area of Lech/Zurz the day before and who were initially recognized as dead in the press were found.

As Reuters writes concerning the Austrian Press Agency (APA), the last two people missing after an avalanche in western Austria contacted the authorities on Sunday evening, so the search and rescue operation was suspended.

The avalanche hit around 3:00 p.m. local time on Sunday, December 25, and the initial suspicion that the avalanche buried 10 people was based on a video from one of the skiers.

One person was quickly rescued from the snow and taken to a hospital in Innsbruck with serious injuries, a total of four skiers were injured.

Other skiers seen in the video contacted rescuers on Sunday evening. Some descended into the valley alone and did not initially report their “involvement” in the avalanche incident.

At the same time, it was previously reported that about 100 people and several helicopters were involved in the search for the missing skiers.

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