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A tourist from Australia got into a fight with angry monkeys in Thailand

According to the Daily Mail, the primate behaved aggressively towards the man’s son, and then the blogger stood up for his family.

“A pair of Australian influencer bloggers, Riley Whitelum, 38, and Elaina Karausu, 29, were in Thailand with their sons Lenny, five, and Darwin, one. , and frequent cases of monkey attacks on people.

At first, the parents brought the children to the beach in the morning to show them the monkeys, but they failed to lure the animals closer. During the second attempt to “communicate”, the flock suddenly began to behave aggressively: the macaques began to frantically rummage in a bag with documents and family phones, and then scatter their belongings along the beach,” the publication describes the incident.

The source writes that when Riley went to the bag to return his belongings, one of the monkeys attacked him, and then his one-year-old son.

“A frightened father was forced to hit the wild animals on the head to save the child. The father of the family acted quickly and with one hand took his son so that he was out of their reach, and with the other, he swung at the tailed animals and hit one of them to scare them away. Wife Riley at that moment I was diving into the sea with a snorkel and had no idea what happened,” the tabloid clarifies.

During the fight, Riley managed to scare away the animals but was left with cuts and scratches, so he urgently needed to be vaccinated against tetanus and rabies.

“I fought with a dozen monkeys,” Riley tells his wife in the video and shows a cut on his arm: “Those are monkey teeth.”

Local doctors told the couple that on average two people a day come to the hospital with monkey bites. The couple admitted they didn’t do “any research” before heading to the beach.

Australian bloggers shared that if they had known about the level of danger, they would not have gone there. In the comments, users questioned the sincerity of the spouses, because it could have been staged for a “hot video”.

Bloggers Riley and Elaina quit their jobs nine years ago after only a few weeks of knowing each other to travel the world by boat. The traveling couple has over 1.74 million YouTube subscribers.

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