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Turkish citizens are denied Schengen visas

Turkish citizens have been facing problems planning to enter the European Union for several months now due to delays in obtaining Schengen visas and a high rejection rate.

Despite the lifting of restrictions related to COVID-19 and the formal opportunity to visit the EU, many Turkish citizens are forced to postpone their plans. Firstly, shortly there is not a single free window at the consulate for submitting documents, and secondly, a whole army of those who have already been denied a visa has accumulated.

Another “standard” case of recent months is when applicants request multiple-entry visas for several months and justify their need with a schedule of events, but they receive single-entry visas with fixed dates for 7-10-12 days. The exception is Turkish citizens applying from the United States. They are given a minimum of annual visas.

Students also face visa difficulties. Turkish youth are often unable to continue their education in Europe due to the lengthy consideration of documents.

Statistics show that the number of rejected applications submitted by Turkish citizens has increased significantly in 2021 compared to 2020. In 2020, the bounce rate held at 13.78 percent, while it increased to 19.02 percent in 2021.

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