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The EU increases the cost of the Schengen visa

The European Commission will increase the cost of Schengen visas for adults and children. The reason is inflation, which is accelerating in Europe. Ordinary tourists are massively opposed to the innovation. According to the proposed project, the Schengen visa fee will increase from 80 to 90 euros for adults and from 40 to 45 euros for children, Schengenvisainfo said.

It was especially emphasized that the visa fee will be increased for countries that do not cooperate with the EU on the issue of returning their citizens who were left without proper documents to the EU. For them, the fee will be 135 euros instead of 120 and 180 euros instead of 160. This amount includes visa and service fees. The initiative also allows external visa service providers to charge a higher fee. It is expected that along with the increase in the price of the duty, the amount of the service fee will also jump.

It was reported that an increase in visa fees is planned due to the level of inflation in the EU, the agency said. However, the proposed changes have already caused consternation in the travel community, especially among those who travel frequently to Europe and depend on a Schengen visa. For example, Turks who have become fond of traveling to the region believe that the increase in visa fees will be an additional burden for them and will negatively affect the affordability of travel to Europe. According to them, even a small increase in visa fees will affect the budget of less wealthy sections of the population.

As for the Europeans themselves, they are also against revising the price tags. Such changes discriminate against the middle class, Germans believe. “The EU has enough money. Stop inflation and you don’t have to adjust prices for inflation. Foreigners also suffer from inflation, do not make travel to the EU more expensive. Even a small increase in fees has a big impact on the poor/less affluent,” said one of them.

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