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How can Ukrainians get a visa to Canada under the CUAET program

Recently, it became known about changes in the CUAET program. From now on, Ukrainians will be able to get a visa to Canada under the following conditions:

  • You can apply for a free visa to Canada until March 2023;
  • The visa will be issued for three years.

Such changes are effective from October 2022. All other conditions regarding documents and other nuances remain unchanged. Also, as before, the condition regarding the submission of fingerprints remains mandatory. Without them, you will not be granted a visa.

Due to the start of hostilities in Ukraine, Canada has simplified the procedure for moving Ukrainians. Since the beginning of March this year, refugees from Ukraine have been able to travel to Canada under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) program. Ukrainians are offered simplified processing of visas, employment, and training.

What documents are required to move to Canada?

To enter Canada, citizens of Ukraine, as before, need to issue a visa. However, under the CUAET program, today Ukrainians can obtain a visa according to a simplified procedure and in a much shorter time.

So, today, there are two types of visas for Ukrainians to Canada:

  • visitor visa – after receiving such a visa, you will have the right to stay in Canada for three years (previously it was 6 months);
  • work permit in Canada – provides an opportunity to find a job in Canada in a short period (the application can be submitted together with the visa application).

Simplified procedures for obtaining a visa to Canada:

  • most of the visa application and processing fees have been abolished: for example, there is no need to pay for the visa fee, for the submission of biometric data, for the application for a work and study permit, and the fee for the extension of the residence, work and studying in Canada;
  • consideration of appeals of Ukrainians fleeing the war takes place in priority order;
  • if you do not have a foreign passport, you can still apply for a visa even with an internal Ukrainian passport, and children with a birth certificate.


Submission of biometric data (fingerprints and photo), as before, remains a mandatory requirement for citizens aged 18 to 60 years (biometrics are submitted after the approval of the Canadian side of the visa documents, by prior electronic appointment at the VFS Canada visa centers global and/or in Canadian consulates).

In addition, migration measures were introduced in February for Ukrainians who were already in Canada at the time of hostilities in Ukraine:

  • short-term stay in the country was extended and work and study permits were renewed;
  • work permits were granted to Ukrainian visitors, workers, and students who were in Canada and cannot return home.

Get to Canada without a visa

Starting in April this year, Ukrainians can travel to Canada with an Electronic Travel Authorization. This permit is effectively a one-time entry into Canada for 6 months and does not require a visa to be affixed to the passport after the electronic visa application and biometric data collection have been approved. This is because you can expect a passport with a visa for up to 6 weeks, or even longer. If you need to stick a visa in the key (for example, departure is planned later or you plan to leave other countries), it is transferred to the nearest visa center (in person or by mail).

With Electronic Travel Authorization, Ukrainians can fly to Canada on flights from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Austria.

Charter flights from European cities to Canada have already been organized specifically for Ukrainians: all ticket costs were covered by the Canadian authorities. Please note that the application for a free flight should be submitted in advance.

Also, thanks to the initiative of the Canadian government and the Canadian Union of Immigrants, Ukrainians can get free tickets for domestic flights within Canada. Free tickets will be provided by the WestJet airline company, the flight is possible only in one direction. Baggage is included in the flight. For free flight vouchers, please email info@cissa-acsei.org.

Access to education and medicine

Ukrainians who arrived in Canada as part of the CUAET program have access to free primary and secondary education, as well as to medical care.

Financial Aid

One-time financial assistance is also provided to refugees from Ukraine. Payments are 3,000 Canadian dollars per adult and 1,500 Canadian dollars per child.

Application for a visa under the CUAET program

Who can apply:

  • Citizen of Ukraine
  • Family members of citizens of Ukraine: husband/wife or partner in a civil marriage, dependent children, dependent children of a husband/wife or partner in a civil marriage. A separate application must be submitted for each family member.

How to apply for a visa to Canada

The application for CUAET is submitted online only and is free.

To apply to a child under 18 years of age, it is necessary to provide:

  • a copy of each child’s birth certificate;
  • permission from the mother/father not traveling with the child or documents confirming full custody of the child (if possible).

After submitting the application

You may be asked to provide biometric data (fingerprints and a photograph). You will receive an email with instructions on how to provide your biometrics. The letter will also include information on the place and time for submitting biometric data. If you do not receive such a letter, it means that you do not need to provide biometric data.

Decision on the application

You will receive a decision on your application and instructions on how to proceed by email. You will also receive instructions on the following questions:

  • how to present your passport to the nearest visa center so that we can add a physical visa to your passport;
  • how to travel to Canada if you have received a letter stating that you have received an electronic visa and do not need to provide a passport.

We draw your attention to the fact that the application system is not complicated, so you can do it yourself (without contacting intermediaries)!

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