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Experts told how entry into Bulgaria and Romania for tourists will change

At the end of 2023, the EU Council decided to abolish air and sea border controls on the borders with Bulgaria and Romania from 31 March 2024.

In this regard, travel between Romania, Bulgaria, and the Schengen countries by air and sea will occur without border controls – the same as on any other flights within the Schengen area. Control will remain on land borders; the issue of removing it will be considered later.

National short-term visas issued by Bulgaria and Romania until March 31, 2024, will be valid for the duration of their validity and will continue to be accepted for entry for transit or stay of up to 90 days in 180 days in all Schengen countries.

Holders of permanent residence and residence permits from Bulgaria and Romania have the right to enter Schengen countries for up to 90 days every six months.

It is expected that from March 31, Bulgaria and Romania will begin issuing only Schengen short-stay visas. Biometrics will be added and the general type of visas will change.

From March 31, it will no longer be possible to enter Bulgaria and Romania with a Cyprus visa, but it will be possible to enter Cyprus with Bulgarian and Romanian visas – national, previously issued, or Schengen.

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