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Countries where visa is issued on arrival

To visit most countries, one way or another, a visa is required, but sometimes it is extremely problematic to issue it, therefore, for a short vacation, some tourists choose countries for which a visa is not needed, or those in which it is created upon arrival (on the spot).

Of course, there are not many such countries, and not all of them tourists will want to visit, but again for a short vacation, this is the easiest and perhaps the cheapest option, given how much you usually have to spend on a visa (both time and money).

Where is the visa made on arrival:


Considering that the visa is made upon arrival, and it takes quite a bit of time, it becomes clear why tourists like to relax here.

The term of such a visa will be about 30 days, and its cost will not exceed $ 100. It is important that the tourist has a valid passport and return tickets.

If you wish, you can get the “Sinai stamp”, but with the condition of not leaving the peninsula.


The visa is also issued upon arrival, and its validity will not exceed 30 days, and 40 local dinars will have to be paid for it in local currency. Moreover, the tourist’s passport must have an “expiration date” for the next six months. If a person enters through Aqaba, or rather its free economic zone, then you will not have to pay for a visa at all, but you will have to leave the country in the same way.


Not a bad place for a short, but informative vacation, for which the required 30 days of a local visa will suffice. Its cost may vary, but will not exceed $ 50-100, and the passport must also be fully valid for the next 6 months. A prerequisite is the availability of return tickets, otherwise the visa may be refused.


Often attracts the attention of those who want to develop spiritually or love mountain tourism, because it is nice that a visa is issued here on the spot. Its term can be different (15/30/90 days), so the tourist will have the opportunity to choose the best option. As for the price, it depends on the number of days, and generally varies from $ 25 to $ 100. There are no special clarifications and criteria, the main thing is that the passport has a good period.


One of the best vacation spots on the African continent, for which a visa is also issued on the spot. She has a fairly decent 90 days, and the price rarely exceeds $ 50-60. It is recommended to have return tickets with you, because without them, they may again refuse to issue them, and, accordingly, the passport must be valid for the next 6 months.

You can replace that most of the conditions and terms are the same, as well as the pricing policy, but this does not eliminate the need for preliminary inquiries and clarification of important information. As for tickets, it is still recommended to have them with you, although there is no guarantee that in the absence of them the tourist will not be issued a visa.

The rest will completely depend on the specific tourist, his route and time of stay in a particular country, but all these nuances should be prepared in advance so as not to cause inconvenience on the road.

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