Vietnam has announced entry conditions for foreign tourists

Total revenue over $ 30 billion The United States, which contributes a “smoke-free sector” to the country’s GDP every year, is not small. Much of this amount comes from the international market. For this reason, at the moment, almost all travel agencies and service providers are waiting for the opening of the country for foreign tourists.

However, to ensure safe opening, it is necessary to have well-thought-out and comprehensive training. Hoang Nan Qing, head of the secretariat of the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Council (TAB), said that in a letter to the prime minister on the resumption of international tourism, his council strongly supported the government’s policy of not sacrificing and threatening public health in return. for economic benefit.

“The Tourism Advisory Board also emphasizes that there should be a clear policy. Opening is possible only with a two-pronged approach: one is the place of origin of tourists and the other is the place of reception. We can learn from international experiences, both successes and failures.” said Hoang Nhan Chin.

As for decisions, the Tourism Advisory Board proposes to set up a group of organizations or experts from different sectors: health; public security; national defense; diplomacy; culture, sports and tourism for cooperation and mutual support in the recovery, security of Vietnamese and foreign tourists.

According to the proposal, all foreign tourists arriving in Vietnam must carry a vaccination passport or vaccination certificate and be tested for coronavirus using PCR tests before departure and upon arrival at Vietnam Airport. In addition, experts believe that appropriate measures should be taken to reduce the quarantine period, while ensuring the safety of preventing and combating the COVID-19 epidemic.

Warm-up of the domestic market

In the current context, when the epidemic is not yet fully controlled, the tourism sector needs a safe process to receive and assist guests. It is also important that workers in the tourism sector are on the priority list for vaccination.

As one of the country’s largest tourist centers, Hanoi has taken many steps to “warm up” the domestic market and prepare to receive foreign tourists as soon as possible.

Hanoi Tourism Director Dang Huong Giang said: “Although our main goal in 2021 is still focused on the domestic market, we are preparing the necessary conditions for the opening for foreign tourists.”

In terms of communication and promotion, according to Dang Huong Giang, in 2020, the Hanoi Department of Tourism cooperated with CNN to promote the capital. The program, which had to be stopped due to a pandemic, will continue in 2021, she said.

Statistics show that the income from Vietnamese tourists each year is less than the income from international visitors. Therefore, the head of the Department of Tourism of Hanoi said that the festivals, which will take place in 2021 in the capital, will be international in size, a message urging foreign tourists to visit Vietnam.

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