President Joe Biden’s first overseas visit kicks off

The American leader arrives in the UK. Here he will meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II, and will also take part in the G7 Summit. Biden spoke to the US military at Mildenhall Air Force Base in Suffolk.

The weeklong tour of Europe is an opportunity for the head of the White House to reiterate to partners the end of the policies pursued by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden's first overseas visit kicks off

“The United States is back. And the world’s democracies are united in their intention to find solutions to the most difficult tasks and problems that are most important for our future,” he said.

Discussions of the G-7 will primarily concern the world’s exit from the crisis and climate change caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Next on the program is Biden’s meeting with the Russian president in Geneva on June 16.

“This is my first overseas visit as US President. I am heading to the G7 summit, NATO ministers, and also meeting with Mr Putin to let him know about some of the things I think he should know about.” – he said.

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Earlier, the White House said that, among other things, Biden intends to discuss with Putin the prospects for further disarmament of countries, diplomatic tensions between Moscow and Washington, the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and the latest Belarusian events.

First, before the meeting in Geneva, the American leader will raise all these questions at the G7 summit, which starts on the British peninsula of Cornwall on Saturday. This is where the final preparations for the reception of the dignitaries end.

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