Leonardo DiCaprio is allocating $ 43 million to rebuild the Galapagos Islands

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has teamed up with environmental group Re: Wild and promised to allocate $ 43 million to restore the Galpagos Islands. It will contribute to environmental efforts by non-governmental organizations on all islands. He announced his collaboration on his Instagram channel. Conservation programs will focus on the return of 54 endangered species and 13 other extinct species on Florean Island in an attempt to restore it.

An actor with a huge fan base around the world and a staggering 48 million followers on Instagram. It seeks to “recreate” beautiful islands and is supported by the Office of National Parks, the Ministry of Environment and Water of Ecuador and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Leonardo DiCaprio is allocating $ 43 million to rebuild the Galapagos Islands

Conservation efforts are also aimed at protecting the desert here from tourism. Part of the funds will also be used for captive breeding programs aimed at preventing the extinction of a number of animal species, including the pink iguana, as well as other marine resources.

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Leonardo DiCaprio said: “Wildlife is shrinking around the world. We have degraded three-quarters of the wildlife and pushed more than 1 million species to the brink of extinction. More than half of the desert left on Earth could disappear in the next few decades … if we don’t we will act decisively … The heroes of the environment that the planet needs are already here. Now we must all accept the challenge and join them. “

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